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Next Great Impossible: your stories

20 years ago, Materials Scientist Prof. Sossina set out to create a hydrogen fuel cell. She and her team have had highs and lows along the way, but remain committed to their research goal. Watch her story to find out how she achieves her impossibles.

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Taylor Szasz Green

Amber Cook: My Next Great Impossible

Amber Cook is a Ph.D. student at Mississippi State University, USA. She took us through her incredible work to understand the tissue-level mechanics that regulate the pattern of brain folding.

Vincent Ming-Hsien Chiang

Nisan Irem Cetingök: My Next Great Impossible

We spoke to Nisan Irem Cetingök, an undergraduate at Middle East Technical University, Turkey. She shared with us her work in treating type 1 diabetes.

Viorica Patrulea

Jessica Freire Feitor: My Next Great Impossible 

Jessica Freire Feitor is a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard University, United States. She spoke to us about her work to discover new biomarkers for intestinal diseases and the importance of reducing animal screening.  

Puple Mug

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Smiling person with asian facial features doing a lab operation with a screening machine

Your new hepatocyte partner

Ready-to-screen and validated Human primary Hepatocytes, Stellate cells, Kupffer cells, and more.

Person in a lab who puts a chemical formula on a glass wall.

Synthesis Enabling Tools

Advance chemical synthesis workflows with our innovative solutions for photocatalytic reactions, electrosynthesis, high-throughput screening, and automated synthesis to empower your research.

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