Product Highlights

Streamline Your Palm Oil Quality Analysis with Merck Spectrophotometer & Test

When it comes to palm oil analysis, accurate and efficient measurement of specific parameters is vital to ensure product quality and compliance with industry standards. Merck, a leading provider of scientific solutions, offers a range of innovative tools, including the Spectrophotometer and Test Kit, to support palm oil manufacturers in streamlining their workflow processes and achieving reliable results. By our advanced technology, palm oil producers can accurately assess the quality and freshness of their products, ensuring they meet regulatory requirements and customer expectations.

Spectroquant® Prove 300 untuk Analisis Air Minum dan Air Minum Dalam Kemasan

Dapatkan solusi terbaik untuk analisis air minum dan air minum dalam kemasan (AMDK) dengan Spectrophotometer Spectroquant® Prove 300, alat mutakhir untuk analisis yang cepat, akurat dan otomatis. Dengan fitur canggih seperti pengenalan Live ID Code dan pembaruan kalibrasi, Anda dapat menyederhanakan proses uji dan memastikan hasil yang presisi setiap saat.

Bersertifikat Halal! 
Detergen Extran® - Pembersih khusus peralatan laboratorium 

Extran® adalah detergen yang dirancang khusus untuk digunakan sebagai pembersih peralatan laboratorium. Kini, merek Extran® telah dilengkapi dengan sertifikasi halal. Ini berarti bahwa peralatan laboratorium Anda yang dicuci dengan Extran® dapat digunakan untuk produk yang diproduksi di pabrik bersertifikat halal.  
Terlepas dari kekuatan pembersihannya yang luar biasa, detergen Extran® mengandung bahan-bahan yang biodegradable dan bebas dari bahan toxic, sehingga ramah terhadap lingkungan dan kesehatan staf laboratorium.


Solusi Merck untuk Analisis Kadar Etilen Glikol dan Dietilen Glikol dalam Produk Obat Sediaan Sirup

Pastikan keamanan produk obat Anda dari kontaminasi Etilen Glikol dan Dietilen Glikol. Temukan solusi Merck untuk analisis cemaran Etilen Glikol dan Dietilen Glikol dalam sediaan obat sirup menggunakan metode GC, mulai dari kolom kromatografi, pelarut, dan bahan acuan.


Merck Spectrophotometer Spectroquant® Prove 100│ 300 │600

Spectroquant® Prove series adalah jajaran spektrofotometer canggih (spektrofluorometer) yang memungkinkan Anda melakukan analisis cepat, efisien, dan akurat pada sampel air, air minum dalam kemasan, air limbah, serta untuk analisis lingkungan.

Seri Spectroquant Prove ini memberikan yang terbaik dalam teknologi mutakhir dengan harga yang terjangkau. Dapatkan hasil sampel Anda dalam hitungan menit bahkan detik saja. Cukup pilih kit uji (test kit) yang Anda butuhkan, masukkan sampel Anda ke dalam instrumen dan jalankan analisis Anda.

Dengan lebih dari 200 kit uji (test kit) yang tersedia, menggunakan instrumen Spectroquant Prove menjadikan pengujian Anda lebih cepat, lebih mudah, dan lebih dapat diandalkan.


GenElute™-E Single Spin Purification Kits

Researchers, meet your new favorite friend.
GenElute™-E Single Spin Purification Kits are here to make your DNA and RNA isolation workflow more productive than ever before.

With the GenElute™-E Single Spin Purification Kits, you can purify your DNA in one spin—eliminating all wash steps and tube handling, while reducing the shearing of genomic DNA. With this kit, you don't need to worry about organic solvents or chaotropic salts contaminating your sample. You also don't need to worry about wasting plastic as you'd save 55% compared with other kits.

The GenElute™-E Single Spin Purification Kits is a bold step forward in nucleic acid purification technology! So what are you waiting for? Give GenElute™-E Single Spin DNA and RNA Purification Kits a try.  

The Millicell® DCI Digital Cell Imager

Assess your cell cultures with ease. The Millicell® DCI Digital Cell Imager enables more efficient execution of the repetitive daily techniques associated with cell passaging.

  • Quickly and objectively measure common cell culture parameters including confluency, cell count, and morphology.
  • Monitor an extensive range of adherent cell cultures including 3D cultures and tricky or hard-to-grow cells.
  • Save time and conserve precious culture samples with in-vessel measurement.
  • Track and record cell culture data using streamlined web-based data management tools.
  • Analyze cell growth trends with instant access to historical data for more consistent cell cultures.

Safer and Greener Alternatives for a Greener Lab

There are many ways to make your daily lab work more sustainable. Even small steps help to reduce environmental impact.

  • Switch to greener alternative products
  • Use products and services that support waste reduction or recycling
  • Implement processes or techniques that consume less or less hazardous chemicals

Check how we can help make your daily lab work more sustainable by providing greener alternatives, products that support waste reduction, and techniques that consume less hazardous chemicals.



Handling hazardous goods in the lab always poses risks, but they can be minimized. We combine innovative products and packaging with individual support to keep you safe, simplify your work, and help you save resources.

There are three keys areas of Lab Safety:

  • Risk Prevention
    Integrated safety right from the start
  • Daily Safety
    Tools and products for working safely
  • Emergency Help
    Swift, simple and efficient