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Your Trusted Partner for Turning Research Into Reality

As your products evolve from development to manufacturing, we are still here as your trusted partner to support and cover your needs from Bench to Bulk. By identifying the right materials from the start, with us that understands your workflow, we can go BIGGER to drive your productivity.

We cover your needs from Grams to Tons!

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Drive your R&D with our technical expertise

We have invested in state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities to boost your progress from development to commercialization.
Our production expertise ranges from classical chemical transformations to complex multi-step organic synthesis, such as:

  • Air-sensitive chemistry
  • High-purity solvent distillation and purification
  • Continuous flow chemistry
  • Monomer synthesis and high-purity electronic precursors
  • Process and analytical development
  • Hazard evaluation
  • Cryogenic and high pressure reactions

Simplify the leap from research to manufacturing with a partner who understands your workflow.
Merck offer optimal solutions for everyone.


Laboratory Essentials Portfolio
Premium, ultra-high quality chemicals from
Reagent grade to ACS Plus, in standard
or special innovative packaging.

  • Acids & bases
  • Salts
  • Multi-application solvents

Chemical Portfolio
Extensive products and tools to support
your research from laboratory to production.

  • Building blocks
  • Peptide synthesis reagents
  • Catalysts
  • Msynth®plus products
  • Organometallics
  • Anhydrous solvents
  • Deuterated chemicals
  • Monomers
  • Nanomaterials

Life Science Basics Portfolio
Multi-site manufacturing of a wide range
of products, from general use quality to highly characterized and multi-application tested grades.

  • Buffers
  • Detergents
  • Solvents for molecular biology

Streamline your process with our tailor-made services
Merck offer a variety of customization options to cover all your needs


Customized specification
Take advantage of our
extended specification service

  • Adding further specification parameters
  • Tightening existing specification parameters

Customized packaging
Order existing products according
to your needs

  • Packaging size
  • Filling quantity
  • Container type

Contract manufacturing and OEM services
Benefit from our
unparalleled customization expertise

  • Extensive range of chemical and biochemical synthesis capabilities
  • Broad inventory of key starting materials
  • Proven technology transfer
  • Successful project management

Customized solutions and mixtures
Request physical treatment of
existing products

  • Solving (solutions)
  • Mixing (read-to-use mixtures/convenience blends)

Why Purchase Bulk from Us?

Streamline your process with our tailor-made services

We offer a variety of customization options such as packaging to cover all your needs

We don’t just sell products. We make and use them ourselves

Meticulous monitoring of processes enables us to provide products that we guarantee quality, with more verification data than competitors.

Building a reliable supply chain together

Because we understand how important on-time delivery is to you, we have centers of excellence around the world that provide a wide range of prompt and personalized services


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