Live Cell Imaging Reagents

Live Cell Imaging Reagents
Reagents for live cell imaging are designed to be nontoxic and to protect live cells while optimizing visualization during real-time studies of cell trafficking and localization, cell health, gene expression, migration, cytoskeletal dynamics, and other cellular events.


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31732 ABAMECTIN Expand
SCT105 BioTrac 530 Red Caspase-3 Dye (PBS) Expand
SCT109 BioTrack 400 Blue Cyto Membrane Dye Expand
SCT102 BioTrack 405 Blue Caspase-3 Dye (DMSO) Expand
SCT135 BioTrack 405 Blue Mito Dye (1EA=20X50UG) Expand
SCT136 BioTrack 488 Grn Mito Dye (1EA=20X50UG) Expand
SCT126 BioTrack 510 Grn C4(FM1-43) Synaptic Expand
SCT103 BioTrack 530 Red Caspase-3 Dye (DMSO) Expand
SCT137 BioTrack 633 Red Mito Dye (1EA=20X50UG) Expand
SCT127 BioTrack 640 Red C2(FM4-64) Synaptic Expand
SCT110 BioTrack Green CSFE Cell Prolif Kit Expand
SCT138 BioTrack NIR633 LysO Dye (1EA=10VIALS) Expand
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