Click Chemistry Reagents

Click Chemistry Reagents
Our portfolio of click chemistry reagents includes a variety of azides, alkynes, catalysts, and ligands to accelerate your progress in chemical biology, polymer chemistry, bioconjugation, and drug discovery.


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669490 (1R,4R,8R)-5-BENZYL-2-ISOBUTYL-8-METHOXY Expand
744867 (1R,8S,9S)-BICYCLO[6.1.0]NON-4-YN-9-YLME Expand
742678 (1R,8S,9S)?-?BICYCLO[6.1.0]?NON-?4-?YN-& Expand
709492 (1S,4S,8S)-5-BENZYL-2-ISOBUTYL-8-METHOX& Expand
T511293 (2'S)-2'-DEOXY-2'-FLUORO-5-ETHYNY-& Expand
761591 (4-(1,2,4,5-TETRAZIN-3-YL)PHENYL)METHAN& Expand
900750 (4-(2-(2-(2-AMINOETHOXY)ETHOXY)ETHOXY)P& Expand
900603 (4-(2-(2-AMINOETHOXY)ETHOXY)PHENYL)(4-(& Expand
900599 (4-(AMINOMETHYL)PHENYL)(4-(PROP-2-YN-1-& Expand
900598 (4-(BROMOMETHYL)PHENYL)(4-(PROP-2-YN-1-& Expand
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