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Cell Marque™ Products

Cell Marque™ primary IHC antibodies, ancillary reagents, control slides, and other pathology products are manufactured by an extensive research and development team including pathologists to ensure quality and reproducibility in their applications. Cell Marque™ products provide reliable, reproducible results in supporting accurate detection of cancers in clinical pathology. Experience confidence in your antibody grids and reassurance of the best patient care using the most-trusted pathology products in the industry.
Cell Marque™ Control Slides
Explore our comprehensive range of Cell Marque™ positive control slides, HistoCyte cell line controls with paraffin embedded tissue sections for immunohistochemical (IHC) staining, as well as TISSUE-TROL control slides.
Cell Marque™ Detection Systems & Ancillary Reagents
Explore our full range of Cell Marque™ tissue processing reagents and enzymatic detection systems specially formulated for histopathology and IHC.
Cell Marque™ IHC Antibodies
Explore our comprehensive range of high-quality Cell Marque™ antibodies for clinical immunohistochemical (IHC) staining.