Lateral Flow Membranes

Accelerate your time to market with fit-for-use products, which offer the quality, consistency, and documentation necessary for every step of your IVD development and manufacturing needs.

Hi-Flow™ Plus Membranes and SureWick® Conjugate, Sample, and Absorbent Pads provide a complete solution for your lateral flow assays.


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CFSP001700 Cellulose Fiber Sample Pad 17mm x 1 Expand
CFSP002000 Cellulose Fiber Sample Pad 20mm x 1 Expand
CFSP22305PK CFSP 20 cm x 30cm sheet, 5 sheets/pack Expand
GFDX20305PK GFDX 20 cm x 30cm sheet, 5 sheets/pack Expand
GFCP0010 Glass fiber Conjugate Pad 10MMx100M roll Expand
GFCP0008 Glass fiber Conjugate pad 8mmx100M roll Expand
GFDX001000 Glass Fiber Diagnostic Pad 10mm x 100m Expand
GFDX001050 Glass Fiber Diagnostic Pad 10mmX50m roll Expand
GFDX000800 Glass Fiber Diagnostic Pad 8mmX100m roll Expand
GFDX000850 Glass Fiber Diagnostic Pad 8mmX50m roll Expand
GFDX103000 GlassFiberDiagnoPad10mmx300mmstrips100pk Expand
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