Prefilters & Bioburden Control

Prefilters & Bioburden Control
Prefilters are used to remove particulates and protect downstream unit operations. They can be used to provide column protection or in front of a sterilizing-grade filter to improve capacity. Learn how our cost-effective prefilters can enhance your process economics.


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AP1502500 AP15 PREFILTER 25MM 100PK Expand
AP2001300 AP20 PREFILTER 13MM 100PK Expand
AP2012450 AP20 PREFILTERS 124MM 50/PK Expand
AN3H04700 PP PREFILTER 30UM WH PL 47MM 100/PK Expand
AN5004700 PP PREFILTER 5UM WH PL 47MM 100/PK Expand
RW0614250 Prefilter RW06 142mm 50/pk Expand
RW0609000 PREFILTER RW06 90mm 100/PK Expand
RW1904700 Prefilter RW19 47mm 100/pk Expand
SPR0LSIA1 SmartPak(R) Purification Pack Purifies pure and ultrapure water for Direct-Q(R) systems with low (<15 C) feed water temperature  Expand
TANKV01A1 Vent filter Expand
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