Filter Membranes

Filter Membranes
Filter membranes for filtering organic solvents and aqueous solutions for HPLC and other analytical methods, and for use in sample preparation, clarification, particulate removal, sampling, filter sterilization, and separation and retentate techniques.


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GSWP03700 .22 MCE Monit Refills w/Thin Pad Pl100pk Expand
FHUP04700 .45 Fluo PTFE Unlaminated Wh Pl 100pk Expand
HAEP04700 .45 MCE 3mm Phobic Edge Wh PL 100Pk Expand
AAWP03700 .8 MCEMonitor Refill w/Thin Pad Pl 100Pk Expand
AAWG03700 .8MCE Monitor Refills w/ThinPad Grd100Pk Expand
FALP03700 1 Fluo PTFE w/Thin pad Wh Pl 37mm 100pk Expand
RAWG0250C 1.2 MCE Asbestos Monitoring Wh GRD 100pk Expand
AP1502500 AP15 PREFILTER 25MM 100PK Expand
AP1504200 AP15 PREFILTER 42MM 100PK Expand
AP2001300 AP20 PREFILTER 13MM 100PK Expand
AP2012450 AP20 PREFILTERS 124MM 50/PK Expand
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