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Microbial Culture Media

A microbial culture medium is a mixture of substances that promotes and supports the growth and differentiation of microorganisms. Culture media contain nutrients, energy sources, growth-promoting factors, minerals, metals, buffer salts, and gelling agents (for solid media). The sophisticated formulations of our culture media ensure precise, reproducible, and repeatable microbiological test results. Culture media are still the golden standard in pharmaceutical and food and beverage industry to enumerate and detect microorganisms. Microbial culture media can be prepared as a liquid (broth), a solid (agar plates), or as a semi-solid (deeps). Solid and semi-solid media contain a solidifying agent such as agar or gelatine.

Our portfolio includes a broad range of dehydrated culture media in powder or granules. Our superior granulation technology provides maximum convenience, safety and meets the highest industry performance standards. Ready-to-use media are produced under standardized production conditions and solve numerous problems in microbiology laboratories where time, equipment, and trained personnel are often in short supply. We offer ready-to-use 90- and 55-mm agar plates, liquid media bottles, tubes, or 2 mL ampoules, broths and rinse fluids for your microbial testing application.


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STBMRFK34 300ml Fluid K 4/PK Expand
55420 Expand
60788 Expand
93735 Expand
95760 Expand
1.00415 A-1 BROTH FOR MICROBIOLOGY (31.5 G FOR 1 Expand
17112 A1 BrothNutriSelect Plus Expand
A3340 AC AgarNutriSelect Plus Expand
93207 AC BrothNutriSelect Plus Expand
41159 Actinomyces Agar, VegitoneNutriSelect P& Expand
40834 Actinomyces Broth, VegitoneNutriSelect & Expand
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