Laboratory equipment, glassware, and plasticware are essential for the success of any laboratory. Through our partnerships with brands you know and trust, we offer a wide selection of laboratory equipment and supplies to support more than 100 areas of interest.
Sealing Films, Foils & Tapes

Sealing films, tapes and foils are basic consumables common to most wet laboratory setting. Sealing films are designed to protect against oxidation, evaporation, and cross-contamination in cell cultures during processing, storage, and transport. Foils are utilized in multiple ways like covering labware containers and making weighing dishes or boats, while tapes and tags are used for packing and labeling purposes. We offer a wide range of sealing films, foils, and tapes for your research or clinical work from the best names in the business including Duraseal™, Parafilm®, AlumaSeal®, ThermalSeal®, and many more.


A wide range of serrated and non-serrated septa, and sleeve stoppers are available for use as temporary closures for glassware joints, tubes, bottles, NMR tubes, ampules, and cannulation techniques in air-sensitive chemistry. To protect your valuable contents in the vessels or containers from the atmosphere, our range of septa provide reliable air and moisture-tight seals.

Sample Handling
Scientific sample handling consumables and equipment are often as important as the reagents and samples used for your scientific research. Our space-saving sample management and storage solutions as well as our laboratory labels are available in a variety of sizes and materials to meet your sample needs. For samples requiring additional preparation, our grinders, homogenizers, stirs and mixers deliver efficient homogenization of various sample types, volumes and are suitable for a variety scientific applications. Discover our entire portfolio of sample handling solutions and ensure that your samples deliver results of the highest quality.
PCR Supplies & Equipment

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a powerful core molecular biology technique. It is an efficient and rapid in vitro method for enzymatic amplification of specific DNA or RNA sequences from nucleic acids of various sources. A simple PCR reaction consists of a set of synthetic oligonucleotide primers that flank the target DNA sequence, target DNA, a thermostable DNA polymerase and dNTPs. A repetitive series of cycles involving template denaturation, primer annealing, followed by extension of the annealed primers, yields tremendous amounts of DNA. Because the strands synthesized in one cycle serve as a template in the next, a million-fold increase in the DNA amount is achieved in just 20 cycles. From PCR microplates, plate covers, pipette tips, PCR tubes, and thermocyclers, explore our comprehensive offering of PCR consumables and equipment to support every step of your PCR workflow.

Microscope Slides & Chambers

Light and electron microscopic analysis of biological samples requires consistent reagents and supplies to help ensure that the cells and tissues analyzed have limited processing and viewing artifacts. We carry a broad selection of microscopy reagents, slides & cover glasses, tools, and glassware for the research and clinical lab from Corning®, BRAND®, PELCO®, and other reliable brands. We also offer a wide selection of Grace Bio-Labs' microarray technologies including ONCYTE® AVID™, NOVA™ and SuperNOVA™ microporous nitrocellulose-coated slides, and Coverwell™ & Culturewell™ incubation chambers among others.

Liquid Handling & Dispensing

We offer a variety of pipette tips and pipettors for small volume liquid dispensing from leading brands including Eppendorf® Combitips Advanced® and ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.®, Corning® DeckWorks™, Lambda® and Isotip®,  ART®  barrier tips and SoftFit L Reload System™, and BRAND®  HandyStep®, Transferpettor, BIO-CERT, and PD-Tips. For the quality assurance you need for molecular biology and cell culture, Corning® Costar® Stripette® or KIMAX® 51 serological pipettes are hard to beat. Coupled with the MilliSentials™ aliquoting pipette controller, Eppendorf® Easypet®, or BRAND® accu-jet® pro pipette controller, you have a winning combination. For titrations and analytical chemistry techniques, the BRAND®  BLAUBRAND®  ETERNA volumetric pipettes are supplied with original batch certifications. With the addition of bottle-top dispensers such as BRAND® Dispensette®  S and seripettor®  pro, the dual syringe diluter Microlab®  625 from Hamilton®, and KDS Legato™ syringe pumps, we have a comprehensive portfolio for general lab applications to meet your laboratory needs.

Labware Partners
We are proud to partner with well-known companies to bring you the highest quality labware. Our labware partners include the Brand®, Corning®, Cytiva™, and Eppendorf® product portfolios. Explore these product portfolios to find the right product for your labware needs.
Lab Equipment
Reliable laboratory equipment is essential for success in every modern research facility. We offer an assortment of balances, centrifugation, grinders, homogenizers, lab stirring, and mixing options for your science equipment and science lab tools needs. Additionally, we are proud partners and distributors of B Medical Systems refrigeration solutions. B Medical Systems refrigerators and freezers offer a range of cold storage options, including +5 °C, -41 °C/-32 °C, and -82 °C. Explore all our lab equipment options and discover how these premium solutions are suitable for researchers and scientists in pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and research laboratories.

Laboratory chemistry relies heavily on glassware to mix, separate, condense, or otherwise contain and manipulate chemicals and their environment to create the wanted reaction conditions. From ampules to volumetric flasks and complete distillation systems, we have the Aldrich® chemistry glassware that fits your analytical needs. Visit our glassware store to find everything you need.

Our comprehensive portfolio of filtration products includes qualitative and quantitative filter papers, cut disc filters, syringe filters, centrifugal filter devices, vacuum and pressure filters, and filter plates for sample collection, clarification, solvent filtration, dialysis, diafiltration, separation, purification, and concentration and enrichment. From chemistry to life science to manufacturing to environmental testing, we have the filtration products you need for your application or method.
Cell Culture & Cryogenics
The quality of the consumables that you select to handle routine but critical lab tasks, run plate-based assays, or store your samples will always contribute to the integrity of your data. Our complete range of cell culture supplies includes serological pipets, cell spreaders, and lifters, plus culture, shaker, bioreactor, and spinner flasks, culture plates and inserts, and dishes. Premier quality Millicell® plates, inserts, chamber slides, and multilayer culture flasks are designed for exceptionally efficient, biorelevant cell culture. To safeguard precious reagents and samples at low temperatures, we’ve got your cryogenic handling needs covered with freezer racks, vials and tubes, cryolabeling solutions, and forceps from the most trusted manufacturers in the life sciences, designed for both research and clinical use.
In academic research and drug discovery, the need to simultaneously process multiple samples or conserve precious sample and reagents continues to increase. The demand for more sensitive detection limits is critical to accelerating advances in the laboratory setting. Multi-well microplates enable rapid, automation-compatible sample preparation and assay miniaturization to fulfill the requirements of life science, environmental, analytical, clinical, forensic, and industrial workflows. We offer a variety of standard and unique microplates for biochemical and cellular assays as well as plates for sample preparation and storage.