Multiscreen® Filter Plates

Multiscreen® Filter Plates
MultiScreen® filtration plates in 96-well and 384-well formats with a variety of membrane options are for high throughput screening, ELISpot assays, ligand binding assays, cell-based assays, ADME testing, PCR cleanup, and sample prep.


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MSHAN4B50 MScn HTS HA MCE .45um Opq NS 50/pk Expand
MAFBN0B50 MultiScreen GFB Opaque Non-sterile 50/pk Expand
MSHAN45 MultiScreen HTS HA MCE .45um Clear 50/pk Expand
S384PCR MultiScreen PCR 384 10/pk Expand
MSNU030 MultiScreen PCR 96 10/pk Expand
MAVM0960R MultiScreen Resist Vacuum Manifold Expand
S384SEQ MultiScreen SEQ 10/pk Expand
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