Protein Biology

From antibodies to enzymes and bioactive small molecules, we have the support you need for your protein biology research. Discover our large portfolio of antibodies along with high-quality protein electrophoresis and Western blotting products. Or, explore our reliable chromatography products for protein purification and protein sample prep. We also offer dependable proteins, enzymes, and bioactive small molecules for various research applications.
Our highly cited primary, secondary, and recombinant monoclonal antibodies have you covered for your ELISA, Western blot, immunohistochemistry, or other assay needs. We are proud to offer brands you know and trust, including Sigma-Aldrich® antibodies, Millipore® antibodies, Upstate antibodies, Chemicon antibodies, and Calbiochem antibodies. ZooMAb® recombinant monoclonal antibodies provide high reproducibility and are validated across at least three applications, hybridoma-free, preservative-free, and produced animal-free.
Duolink® Proximity Ligation Assay

Duolink® Proximity Ligation Assay

Duolink® Proximity Ligation Assays (PLA) enable the studying of endogenous Protein-Protein Interactions (PPI) and Post-Translational Modifications, providing a fluorescent signal for a single event that can be visualized by either microscopy or flow cytometry. To study Protein-Protein Interactions, Duolink® PLA technology uses a pair of antibodies labeled with oligonucleotides which when present within 40 nm undertake rolling circle amplification to generate a specific fluorescent signal after the addition of labeled probes.

Available in four different colors, for both flow cytometry and microscopy, Duolink® PLA allows for the visualization of multiple Protein-Protein Interactions per cell. Uncover the opportunities in your research with amplified performance and the benefits of Duolink® PLA technology:

  • Visualize protein interactions – both stable and transient
  • Visualize post-translational modifications
  • Detect endogenous proteins – no overexpression or genetic manipulation
  • High specificity – use of two antibodies/probes eliminates false positives
  • No special equipment needed – standard immunofluorescence and flow cytometry-based methods available
Immunoassay Platform Solutions
Whether you need ultrasensitive detection from a SMC™ assay, robust ELISAs, or rich multiplex profiling data using Luminex® xMAP® technology, we can help you get data you can trust out of each sample, with minimal repetition, so you can make the best next-step decisions. Learn more about our platforms including Single Molecule Counting (SMC™) instruments, kits, and reagents; our MILLIPLEX® kits for multiplex biomarker detection with Luminex® instruments; and our wide range of sandwich ELISAs.
Protein Electrophoresis & Western Blotting
Protein electrophoresis and Western blotting are critical methods for protein resolution and protein detection and analysis, respectively. We offer a wide variety of standard buffers, reagents, and stains for Western blotting. Our blocking, transfer, and wash buffers are all available in a variety of concentrations and package sizes. Choose from gel casting reagents or pre-cast gels, to simplify your protein resolution. Immobilon® PVDF membranes are the ideal transfer membranes for protein blotting applications.
Protein Mass Spectrometry

The expanding field of proteomics requires unique reagents and sample prep products such as enzymes, reference standards, mobile phases, matrices and sample clean-up devices. High throughput methods, automation and improvements in LC/MS/MS have allowed mass spec workflows to expand outside of academic research and into clinical diagnostic applications. In order to fulfill these mass spectrometry needs we offer a comprehensive range of reagents to cover your complete workflow.

Protein Purification Chromatography
For decades, liquid chromatography has been a powerful tool for isolating proteins, peptides, and other molecules from complex mixtures. Protein A, Protein G and Protein L bind IgG from a variety of species; resins crosslinked to these proteins are used to purify monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies. Affinity resins for fusion tags added to recombinant proteins allow purification by affinity chromatography. To support your protein research, we offer a broad range of protein chromatography tools for antibody purification and affinity purification, including the FLAG® system of recombinant fusion protein detection and purification.
Protein Sample Preparation
Sample preparation is critical to prepare and purify proteins for functional or structural studies. Our complete range of reagents and enzymes for cell lysis and protein extraction provide you with an array of options so that you can put together the perfect extraction protocol for your particular cells and protein. We offer a wide vareity of products for protein purification, including agarose resins, magnetic beads, and FLAG® tag technology. Our membrane-based, protein sample concentration technologies, including tangential flow filtration (TFF)-based separation, enable fast, easy concentration, desalting and buffer exchange.
Proteins, Enzymes & Small Molecules
Committed to developing and providing breakthrough problem-solving reagents and solutions, explore our comprehensive offering of enzymes, protein reagents, and protein kits. In addition to highly characterized enzyme tools for protein research, we an extensive portfolio of non-enzymatic proteins for cell biology, protein stabilization, cell culture supplementation and adhesion.
Bioactive Small Molecules
Our portfolio features over 4,000 potent, selective probes to modulate target activity for almost any pathway and all major target classes, including authentic, quality-controlled Pfizer compounds and highly characterized chemical probes in partnership with the Structural Genomics Consortium.