ZooMAb Antibodies

ZooMAb Antibodies
ZooMAb® recombinant antibodies represent a new generation of monoclonal antibodies that are specifically engineered using our proprietary technologies that provide state-of-the-art consistency and applications performance.


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ZRB1010 AnAnti-CD8a, clone 1B19 ZooMAb® Rb Mono Expand
ZRB06599 Anti-AcHistoneH3Lys9/14 cl 5H20ZooMAb® Expand
ZRB1099 Anti-ALDH1A1, clone 4J6 ZooMAb® Expand
ZRB1169 Anti-alpha Actinin 2, clone 1E11 ZooMAb® Expand
ZRB1100 Anti-AMPK alpha, clone 2D22 ZooMAb® Expand
ZRB1150 Anti-Androgen Receptor, cl 3K11 ZooMAb® Expand
ZRB1151 Anti-APP, clone 5D16 ZooMAb® Rb Mono Expand
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