Laboratory Dialysis & Diafiltration Devices

Laboratory Dialysis & Diafiltration Devices
Dialyzers, centrifugal ultrafiltration devices, and stirred cells for buffer exchange, dialysis, desalting, and diafiltration of 10 µL – 1,200 mL sample volumes.


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UFC8100 Amicon Centrifugal 4ml 100K NMWL 24pk Expand
UFC8010 Amicon Centrifugal 4ml 10K NMWL 24pk Expand
UFC8030 Amicon Centrifugal 4ml 30K NMWL 24pk Expand
UFSC200MT Amicon Stirred Cell 200mL Maintenance ki Expand
UFSC400MT Amicon Stirred Cell 400mL Maintenance ki Expand
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