As a leading science and technology company, we want to take part in building the future and making life better for people all over the world. Our products and technologies are the key. They are an important contribution to the process of solving global problems. At the same time we focus our resources where we can achieve the most.

Merck Indonesia embraces corporate responsibility as one of the important foundations for Merck Global’s business. Therefore, Merck Indonesia strives to actively participate in seeking solutions to improve the living standards of the Indonesian society since our company established in 1970. In 2015, Merck Indonesia initiated “Merck Bagi Indonesia” (Merck for Indonesia) as an umbrella program for our Corporate Responsibility initiatives.
“Merck Bagi Indonesia” consists of three pillars: Healthcare, Environment, and Community Empowerment. These three pillars have long been part of Merck’s commitment to contribute in many ways to improve public awareness on various health issues, help create environmental sustainability, and support the community surrounding the company’s operations as well as the Indonesian community in general. The basis of these pillars is the corporate governance, as Merck is committed to produce high quality products, deliver quality services, comply with national and international regulations and standards, care for its employees, and treat its business partners in ethical and fair manners.