Safety in Lab

Daily Safety, Risk Prevention, and Emergency Help


Handling hazardous goods in the lab always poses risks, but they can be minimized. We combine innovative products and packaging with individual support to keep you safe, simplify your work, and help you save resources.

Risk Prevention

Preventing harm starts with the right packaging and chemicals. Our unrivaled safety standards and application-oriented foresight in designing specially developed packaging materials ensure you work safely in the lab.

Daily Safety

Handling hazardous goods in the lab safely is a challenge, even for routine lab work. We make it easy with our compatible chemical components, packaging, safety tools, and withdrawal systems so you can focus on your highly sensitive applications. 

Emergency Help

Lab accidents can happen at any time. It is important to act quickly but wisely. With the Chemizorb® range, we offer a one-stop solution for rapid, reliable absorbance and neutralization of liquid chemical spills.

Product Highlight

Extran® detergents

Extran® detergents

Extran® detergents from Merck ensure thorough, residue-free cleaning of laboratory utensils and production facilities while protecting users and the environment. The range includes detergents for manual cleaning or automated cleaning in laboratory washing machines.

Extran® products ensure that everything that comes into contact with chemicals or biological substances is free of impurities – both before and after use. Extran® not only supports your work but also protects the health of laboratory staff. Our cleaning agents contain no chloride or other toxic ingredients and avoid all scents and dyestuffs. Extran® products are also free of silicones and oxidants, and have no inhibitory effect on enzyme tests, such as NTA, α-amylase, LDH, GOT, or acid phosphatase. So for safe, secure laboratory cleaning, there’s no better choice than Extran®.


Chemizorb® Absorbents

Chemizorb® Absorbents

Accidental spills of hazardous liquids can happen in any lab. With Chemizorb® from Merck, you can remove harmful, aggressive, or other unpleasant liquids quickly, safely, and eco-friendly. The Merck Chemizorb® product range includes “allrounders” as well as specific absorbents for different substances. Our “allround absorbents” Chemizorb® powder and Chemizorb® granules are characterized by a high absorbance capacity for aqueous solutions (acid, alkalis), organic solvents, and viscous oils.

Our “specialists” for alkalis (Chemizorb® OH-), acids (Chemizorb® H+), and hydrofluoric acid (Chemizorb® HF) additionally contain water-soluble neutralizers as well as pH indicators to keep track of the neutralization process. Aggressive acids and alkalis can thus be removed more efficiently and safely.


Drying Agents

Drying Agents

Drying agents (desiccants) from Merck are the ideal choice for your drying applications in the lab or in production and as well as for storage and transport. Our user-friendly products are suitable for a wide range of applications – from the drying of gases, liquids, or solids using static or dynamic drying processes to the protection of goods and materials from moisture, mold, or corrosion.

Merck’s high-quality drying agents include calcium chloride, silica gel, molecular sieves, desiccant sachets, and many more. A broad selection of products with different properties with respect to e. g. water uptake rate, absorption capacity, particle size, or regeneration possibilities ensures that you will find the suitable desiccant for your specific application.