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See how the comprehensive Supelco® Analytical Products

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your workflow.


Explore our comprehensive range of analytical products and services for all your application needs.

Learn about key offerings in the categories of sample preparation, calibration/reference materials, columns and solvents for your HPLC needs.

Find valuable information for analytical chemists written by analytical chemists to support and enable reliable analytical workflows ensuring repeatable and accurate results.

Discover a new field of application each quarter and learn how our products enable you to achieve accurate and reliable results.



Complete overview of all Supelco® products.

A premier selection of proven analytical tools and consumables developed for separation and analysis of drugs and biomolecules, or for analytical assays.

Over 20,000 analytical standards and certified reference materials for precise calibration and validated results.

Our synthetic carbon adsorbents are highly porous materials with large surface area, widely used for adsorption in various analytical techniques.




When it comes to your important pharma projects, you can trust our analytical chemistry and microbiology testing portfolio.

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products, reagents and consumables for accurate results for testing laboratories.

Reliable, efficient delivery of premium-grade testing components, to assist your work for a safe and healthier world.


We offer a comprehensive selection of analytical tools to promote safety and efficacy of cannabis products.

Watch: Our Story So Far
How do we deliver accuracy and precision for your lab every time? Discover the origins of the Supelco® brand, and the events that have made us what we are today.


We go to the ends of the earth – and beyond – to ensure absolute accuracy in our products. Discover the stories of our work behind the scenes.


What do the International Space Station, the atmosphere of Saturn and biologics have in common?

For more than 40 years, the first generation of the carbon molecular sieve Carbosieve has been helping to gather scientific data on board the Voyager probes. Supelco® portfolio's first...

Humans and robots reliably ensure the safe filling and packaging of bottles with high Supelco® quality, working together like clockwork.

Lab technicians often handle chemical-filled plastic bottles several times a day, but what many of them don't know is that these seemingly unremarkable containers involve years of intricate development...

Cuvette tests are used daily in analytical laboratories worldwide. Enormous effort is required to ensure that measurement results are precise.


Our analytical inorganics and solvents reside within the Supelco® portfolio, with the same product specifications, trademark, and packaging as always – the only difference is the label. You will continue to experience our accuracy, precision, and consistency.


We know only the most accurate analytical products will do. That’s why we offer the Supelco® portfolio of analytical products. Whatever your needs are, our portfolio is always fit for purpose, ensuring your results are accurate.


Supelco® scientists are dedicated to your analytical applications. The expertise you need is always on hand to support you in achieving the precision and accuracy you require.


Every product from the Supelco® portfolio is meticulously quality-controlled to maintain the integrity of your testing protocols.

More Benefits

Additionally, you will still benefit from reproducible and reliable analytical results; a comprehensive portfolio of analytical products and services; and application-oriented products developed by analytical chemists, for analytical chemists.